'Big bike revival'

NAB are working with Cycling UK to deliver the following events outlined in the poster below for the 2021 'Big Bike Revival'.

The programme is funded by Department for Transport, supported by local authorities and together we address a clear set of aims and objectives:

- Encourage people who don’t already, to cycle

- Encourage people to cycle more often Increase short cycling journeys

- Improve the perception of cycle safety

- Improve people’s confidence to cycle

The intervention is rolled out nationally in England through a programme of events that are FREE to beneficiaries and delivered locally by community led groups and organisations.

Events have a common focus to deliver fun, social and inclusive activities and services that present cycling as a practical and normalised everyday behaviour. 




'NAB After School Project' - Youth Cycle Rebuild Project

'NBH - NAB Bike Hacks' - Youth YouTube Project

'NAB Commuter Card' - Cycle Repair Sessions For Commuters