About NAB

'Not About The Bike' is a long standing bicycle charity that has been delivering activities, projects and courses to the local community for nearly a decade and a half.

With our focus on people exceeding their own expectations and sharing new skills to build confidence and self-reliance it really isn't about the bike.

Starting up as a modest integration project for refugees seeking political asylum it soon expanded into work with the long term unemployed, the homeless, permanently excluded young people and groups with complex needs.

Needless to say the list got longer over the years as the project gained more and more traction and support and things changed further…

Two of our volunteers went on to form 'Bicycle Links' which are now based in the centre of Norwich, we moved premises to our current location in West Norwich, our dedicated volunteers formed a committee and Norfolk County Council provided a great deal of support.

However it was only once the 'Henderson Trust' reached out that the group really started to expand. With the aid of the Henderson Trust the project had first one, then later a second industrial unit. One unit is a fully equipped bicycle building workshop, the second a professional paint setup and classroom for the projects' youth run YouTube channel as well as the hub of our Ebay shop.

The project is now fully part of The Henderson Trusts' project offerings within the local community.

Post pandemic the project is offering cycle events, drop-ins sessions and courses for the community - please see our 'Projects' section for more details.

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