'NBH Afterschool project'

New after School project 'NBH' - 'NAB Bike Hacks' has just launched.

NBH is a YouTube channel for young people by young people. Set in the purpose built ITC suite in Unit 10 next to the main workshop the project offers local young people the opportunity to run a community YouTube Channel.

There is a huge scope of skills to learn, from graphic design, animation, video and sound editing as well as directing, lighting and camera work. We also cover scripting, storyboarding along with all the admin aspects of running a YouTube channel.

The project utilises software that is legally free to everyone, so attendees can use it at home too if they wish, setting them up for their own future projects or careers.

If you want to get involved please contact us.

There are clear guidelines regarding behaviour and rules. Workshop rules and max numbers of attendees are subject to change due to the pandemic




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