Henderson Young Volunteers

Henderson Trust are now offering 11-16 year old NAB attendees an opportunity to volunteer.

Tutors Graham Meads and Beth Maycock guide those taking part through the tailored process.

The project is the third logical step for those who demonstrate the potential to go further and expand apon the knowledge they take away. Once members have joined NAB Plus this acts as a bridge into futher education beyound secondary. Moreover teaching them responcabilites and applicaable workskills. For more infomation or a free application pack please email us or simply accompany your young person to a session and speak to us directly.




'Wednesday Drop-in' - Free Guided Repairs For Adults

'NAB After School Project' - Youth Cycle Rebuild Project

'NAB Plus' - Bike Building Project

'Servicing For Tenants' - Free Cycle Servicing For Tenants