Not About The Bike

Not About The Bike (NAB) is run as a social enterprise by project users, community workers and volunteers, who make up the management committee We are Norwich based, and we refurbish and recycle unwanted and old bikes in order to offer training, voluntary work, social inclusion and work experience for all, including those who are socially isolated by virtue of health, age, disability or long term unemployment or other circumstances.  We offer training and repair sessions for both business and the education services.  

We teach users how to maintain and repair bicycles as well as gain confidence in their skills and also to meet new friends.

NAB sells refurbished bikes in order to finance and expand the project.  We have visited local schools and have sold refurbished bikes to the public at very low prices.  We are constantly trying to expand this aspect of the Social Enterprise.

If you want a bike but do not want to spend a fortune, you can come along to our workshop choose a bike that has been donated and re-spray it to your own colour scheme, this aspect of NAB is called Pimp My Bike.  You can learn how to service or repair your bike at the same time.  

For some of the volunteers who come along, once they have finished work on their own bike they then go on to help rebuild the donated project bikes that can then be sold and therefore help us continue our service to the public and save yet another old bike from potentially being put on the rubbish heap.

We also offer an Inclusive cycle ride where you can gain a higher level of safety and confidence.  These rides are carried out at present every fortnight by a fully qualified tutor Matt Williams (Smart Cycle Training).